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Ingrown Toenails

 Rounding corners when cutting your toenail can and often does cause an ingrown toenail. if left untreated this becomes infected and more and more painful. 

In most cases, we are able to treat and resolve this problem on your initial visit and start you on a way to recovery. 

Symptoms of ingrown toenail: toenail swelling and soreness on one or both sides of the toe. It is usually the great toe but small toes may also develop an ingrown nail. If the condition continues untreated, infection may develop causing much increased pain, redness extending on the toe and white smelly drainage - pus. If you notice this happening call Sugar Land Podiatry immediately and get treated today. 

Causes of ingrown nails: improper cutting technique is by far most common. light trauma, such as stubbing your toe, or someone stepping on it, sports, dancing and genetically curved nail can also cause these nasty infections

Ingrown nails in diabetics:  This can be very dangerous as infection can spread quickly into the bone and require bone surgery, IV antibiotics and or amputation. Seek care immediately. Call us today. This is very urgent

Ingrown toenail treatment: Conservative treatments when started early and used consistently may relieve the ingrown toenail. These include soaking in warm water with Epsom salt several times a day, keeping toes dry and open otherwise, wearing sandals to avoid pressure, taking over the counter analgesics. Pulling out a piece of nail at home can often make this worse and definitely more painful.

At our practice, we'll diagnose this problem and assess likelihood of success without surgical treatment.

if there is an infection we'll start you on antibiotics and perform partial removal of nail in a few days. For frequent and recurrent ingrown toenails we can perform a procedure to prevent re growth of that portion of nail often ending the recurrence. These procedures are performed in our office with local anesthesia and minimal discomfort.


Don't wait! don't live in pain, call us today at 281-205-3681 Sugar Land Podiatry 


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