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Orthotics are custom designed medical devices that will be prescribed by your podiatrist.


Orthotics are different from arch supports and shoe inserts in two specific ways.


  • They make accommodations for foot pain or structural challenges

  • They can offload or reduce the pressure on the affected areas of the foot


Bursitis, calluses, ulcers, and bone spurs may all be helped by orthotics.

Orthotics have the potential to help support foot function and increase the mobility that may be affected by tendonitis, fasciitis and other conditions that affect the mechanical movement of the foot.


Orthotics offer support and alignment for the foot and lower leg.

Proper custom orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist will be designed from a foot mold which may be captured by a laser scan, foam mold or plaster cast.

Orthotics may help to delay surgery and help with pain relief in daily life and during recovery from surgery.


Seek an exam from your podiatrist for options specific to the benefits of custom orthotics.

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